News & Updates  ยท  August 14, 2023

Introducing Republicans for Ukraine

We're proud to announce a new campaign to rally GOP voters and officials around supporting Ukraine in its struggle against Russia.

The campaign will run first-person testimonial ads on TV and digitally on YouTube through the end of the year, featuring GOP voters making heartfelt, direct-to-camera appeals for the party to support Ukraine.

You can view dozens of these testimonials here.

These testimonials will also make a prominent appearance on 10 billboards in Milwaukee during the first Republican presidential primary on August 23 and our first TV ad will air nationally on Fox News during the Republican presidential primary debate.

At Republicans for Ukraine, we believe that solidarity with our Ukrainian allies reflects our shared values of democracy, liberty, and justice. The best traditions of the Republican Party call on the United States to be a steadfast ally to free countries like Ukraine and a fearsome enemy to aggressive dictatorships like Russia.

We invite you to explore our site, watch the testimonials, and join our community.

For any questions about the project, contact us at [email protected].