News & Updates  ·  August 14, 2023

New $2M ‘Republicans for Ukraine’ Campaign Launches Around First GOP Debate and Congressional Aid Fight 

Campaign will run 50+ testimonials from GOP voters nationally, calling on Republicans to stand with Ukraine

WASHINGTONAugust 15, 2023 – A brand-new $2 million campaign called “Republicans for Ukraine” launches today to persuade GOP voters and elected officials to stand with the United States’ Ukrainian ally against Russia. The campaign will run first-person testimonial ads on cable and network TV and digitally on YouTube through the end of the year, featuring GOP voters making direct-to-camera appeals for the party to support Ukraine.

You can view the recorded testimonials here. There are more than 50 in all. Our flagship spot features Dave, a lifelong Republican voter from upstate New York, who says, “I don’t understand some Republican politicians’ reluctance to support a fledgling democracy that is battling an aggressor. It’s a battle we have to help them fight and win.” 

And you can view our launch video here, which features a compilation of the different testimonials. You are free to use all these videos with credit to Republicans for Ukraine. Republicans for Ukraine is a project of Defending Democracy Together, led by Bill Kristol and Sarah Longwell.

The ads will be featured on 10 billboards in Milwaukee during the first Republican presidential debate there on August 23. They will also air nationally on Fox News during the debate. The goal is to remind Americans of the importance of supporting Ukraine and not to abandon the fight for freedom. You can see the billboards’ locations here and photos here.

“Too many of the party’s leaders seem to think there’s no penalty to be paid for standing against Ukrainian democracy and America’s role in supporting the fight for freedom,” said Gunner Ramer, national spokesman for Republicans for Ukraine. “We’re here to remind them that there are a lot of Republicans across the country who stand with Ukraine.”

For more information, to speak with the Republican voters from this campaign, or to talk to Republicans for Ukraine spokespeople, please contact Tony Franquiz at 443-243-6366 or [email protected].

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