News & Updates  ·  August 16, 2023

Orlando Sentinel: Republicans must unite to support Ukraine

The Orlando Sentinel published an opinion piece by Billy Usher, a Republican for Ukraine:

As a long-term Republican, I feel it is necessary to speak out against the isolationist viewpoint of some in my party who would weaken America’s support of Ukraine.

Historically, the GOP has been on the side of democracy. Ukraine’s defense of its people and sovereignty is one of the most straightforwardly righteous causes we’ve seen in recent years. The suffering people of Ukraine are demonstrating their willingness to sacrifice and defend their country against an evil aggressor. By providing robust support for Ukraine, we simultaneously support the long-term interests of the United States, demonstrating our commitment to democracies worldwide.

I’m very concerned about the minority of Republicans who want to cut off aid to Ukraine, weakening NATO’s unity, our support of democratic values abroad, and our world standing.

I pray that all Republicans, especially our representatives in Congress, strongly support our Ukrainian friends who have suffered so much in the face of Vladimir Putin’s unjust aggression.

Billy Usher

Read the full piece here.