News & Updates  ·  January 5, 2024 To my fellow Republicans opposing Ukraine aid – Russia is not our friend published a Letter To The Editor from James Shields, a Republican for Ukraine:

I have been a Republican all my life, voted for Donald Trump twice, and believe America has a role to play in the world. I have a message for the members of my party who oppose aid to Ukraine: Separate yourself from all politics, and reconsider.

Civilians are being murdered, bombed and terrorized in Ukraine. Every day, people like you and me face the most horrific threats imaginable from their authoritarian neighbor. Imagine if Canada or Mexico lobbed missiles at us daily. That’s the reality the Ukrainian people now face.

Ukrainians fighting and dying for their freedom want nothing more than to be like us. They don’t want our troops. All they need is enough support to expel Russia from their land so they can enjoy the same freedoms we do.

Most frustrating are the Americans who mistakenly believe that Russia is our friend. I served during the Cold War. I can tell you with certainty that the leaders of today’s Russia hate the very existence of America.

Republicans need to grow up, give Ukraine what they need to end this war and stop playing politics. It’s our duty as Americans to be there for countries when they need us.

James Shields