News & Updates  ·  January 5, 2024

East Bay Times: GOP must stop blocking Ukraine aid

The East Bay Times published this Letter To The Editor from David Minor, a Republican for Ukraine:

As a lifelong conservative, I urge Republicans in Congress to reconsider their reluctance to support Ukraine.

Since the Cold War, we have spent billions countering Russia. But nothing we have done has been as effective as the Ukrainians have been while fighting for their freedom against Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

The United States has allocated $44.2 billion in military assistance to Ukraine since February 2022 — about 5% of the annual defense budget. Ukraine has used this aid to destroy half of Russian combat power. The support is working: Every day Ukraine liberates a little more of its territory, it saves more of its people, especially its children, from repression, deportation, torture, rape and murder.

It’s past time for Republicans to recognize the strategic importance of supporting Ukraine for the sake of freedom, democracy, justice and American national security.

David Minor