News & Updates  ·  January 8, 2024

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: U.S. must continue to stand firm against Russian aggression

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published this opinion piece from Michael Lurye, a Republican for Ukraine.

As an American and conservative Republican, I can’t sit idly by and watch my party abandon Ukraine, jeopardizing our freedom and safety.

Having fled Russian tyranny 35 years ago, I know firsthand the danger posed by Putin, whose despicable tyranny threatens global safety. Ukraine is our ally and our enemies are watching our every move to determine how we will handle their future aggression. Do you think the U.S. can be safe if this evil is allowed to win?

I urge the Republicans withholding aid from Ukraine to consider that Russia already invaded two countries, Georgia and Ukraine and they’re threatening to invade others, including NATO members, which would require our military to intervene.

They’re engaged in reckless military collaboration with our worst enemies, including China, Iran and North Korea. We must take a firm stand against Russian aggression.