News & Updates  ·  March 14, 2024

New Ad Campaign Mounts Pressure on House Republicans to Support Ukraine

Six-figure campaign to run in D.C. on Morning Joe, and Fox, MSNBC, and CNN on primetime, nationally on The Source with Kaitlan Collins, and digitally in ten House Republicans’ districts

WASHINGTONMarch 14, 2024 – Today Republicans for Ukraine launched a new $260K ad campaign pressuring House Republicans to sign a discharge petition for the Senate’s Ukraine bill. The ad features real Republican voters making the case to fellow Republicans on why the party should support Ukraine.

The 60-second ad, which you can watch here, features Republican voters discussing their support for Ukraine and why it aligns with longstanding Republican values. One South Carolina Republican says, “You’re not being a conservative if you’re not standing up for democracy.”

The ad will blanket the airwaves for two weeks on Morning Joe in the D.C. market, as well as on Fox, CNN, and MSNBC in primetime, nationally on The Source with Kaitlan Collins, and digitally in the districts of ten House Republicans: Mike Gallagher (WI), Ken Buck (CO), Mike McCaul (TX), Mike Rogers (AL), Mike Turner (OH), Don Bacon (NE), Steve Womack (AR), Jake Ellzey (TX), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Dan Crenshaw (TX).

The ad blitz, following a similar campaign from Republicans for Ukraine in February, comes at a critical inflection point, as Speaker Mike Johnson is preventing a vote on a Ukraine aid bill. Our campaign aims to build support for Ukraine among House Republicans by presenting them with credible messengers — actual Republican voters — encouraging their elected leaders to do everything they can to defend American values and interests.

“There are enough Republicans to sign a discharge petition, pass the bill, and help Ukraine win. They just need to hurry up and do it,” said Gunner Ramer, national spokesman for Republicans for Ukraine. “Every day Congress delays, more Ukrainian soldiers and civilians die, and the weaker America looks.”

For more information, to speak with the Republican voters from this campaign, or to talk to Republicans for Ukraine spokespeople, please contact Kase Cronin at 781-999-3155 or [email protected].

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