News & Updates  ·  April 5, 2024

New “Republicans for Ukraine” Billboard Campaign Launches Ahead of Congress’s Return from Recess

The campaign will feature mobile billboards in the D.C. area and a takeover of billboards on bus stops around the city as members make their way to the Capitol

WASHINGTONApril 5, 2024 – On Sunday, Republicans for Ukraine will launch a new, six-figure billboard campaign aimed at persuading Republican members of Congress to pass aid to Ukraine upon their return from recess. The billboards feature real Republican voters voicing their support for Ukraine.

Members of Congress won’t be able to miss these ads as they return to Washington. A mobile billboard, which you can view here, will circle the arrivals section of Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA) on April 7 and 8 as members of Congress return to D.C. There will also be a roadblock and takeover of bus stops throughout D.C. with ads featuring real Republican voters for Ukraine (example below). Finally, the mobile billboard will also circle the Capitol on April 9 as members arrive.

The campaign comes at a critical time for Ukraine, as inaction in Congress has left our allies without the aid they desperately need. Members of the GOP have voiced their support for Ukraine, but need to act on it now before it is too late. The campaign seeks to boost supporting Ukraine as a legislative priority.

“Most House Republicans know that helping Ukraine is the right thing to do, but they’ve chosen to stay silent and ignore the problem,” said Republicans for Ukraine National Spokesman Gunner Ramer. “When you try to ignore a problem, it only gets worse. In this case, that means further loss of life in Ukraine and more leeway for Putin to act with impunity, which emboldens America’s adversaries like China, Iran, and North Korea.”

For more information, to speak with the Republican voters from this campaign, or to talk to Republicans for Ukraine spokespeople, please contact Kase Cronin at (781)-999-3155 or [email protected]

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