News & Updates  ·  April 23, 2024

New ‘Republicans for Ukraine’ Report Card Gives Missouri Republicans Mixed Grades

Three Missouri Republicans’ grades changed based on recent votes and statements on American support for Ukraine

WASHINGTONApril 23, 2024 – Today Republicans for Ukraine re-released our signature GOP Ukraine Report Card, with scores updated to reflect member’s recent statements and votes. The report card assigns all Republican House members a letter grade based on their track record on Ukraine, and the re-release comes after House Republicans voted on additional support for Ukraine. 

You can view the full report card here. Three Missouri Republicans’ scores dropped as the GOP has increasingly turned away from supporting Ukraine. The updated scores reflect members’ voting records on the following criteria: 

  1. The March government funding bill, which included $300 million for Ukraine
  2. Discharge petitions for Ukraine aid bills
  3. The most recent Ukraine aid package
  4. Recent statements about support for Ukraine. 

Members of the Missouri congressional delegation received the following grades:

  • Mark Alford, F (was C-)
  • Eric Burlison, F (was F)
  • Sam Graves, A (was A)
  • Blaine Luetkemeyer, A- (was A)
  • Jason Smith, D- (was D-)
  • Ann Wagner, B+ (was A)

The new report card comes at a critical time for the GOP’s position on Ukraine and American national security. After the House passed a $60.84 billion aid package after six months of delay, voters must be aware of whether their representatives stood for or against America’s Ukrainian ally in the fight for freedom. By educating GOP voters and congressional leaders about the importance of continuing to support America’s ally, Republicans for Ukraine is mobilizing public opinion behind what was traditionally a bedrock conservative principle: strong American leadership in the world.

“Last week’s vote on additional Ukraine aid was a roll call of which Republican members stand for America’s allies, and which are prepared to surrender the fight for freedom to Vladimir Putin,” said John Conway, Republicans for Ukraine’s Director of Strategy. “There will be those who voted against helping our allies, who still claim they stand for American leadership. This report card corrects the record, and brings the truth to voters in these members’ own districts.”

For more information, or to speak to Republicans for Ukraine spokespeople, please contact Kase Cronin at 781-999-3155 or [email protected].