We're Republicans standing for Ukrainian freedom.
We are amplifying the voices of Republicans who believe that the United States should be a steadfast friend to democracies like Ukraine and a fearsome enemy to aggressive dictatorships like Russia.
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Image of Stephan
"Don't let our enemies win. Don't give them what they want."
Image of Nick
"In my lifetime, I don't know that I've seen taxpayer dollars go to a better use than us supporting Ukraine."
Image of Judy
"I am in total support of sending more support to Ukraine, as much as they need to defend themselves and defend their democracy."
Image of Jim
"Right now Russia is getting their heads handed to them by Ukraine."
Image of Mike
"I support giving aid to Ukraine because they are fighting the battle for democracy for the rest of the world."
Image of Ryan
"I'm disappointed in the trickle down of what's needed. If we had just sent what we're sending now from day one, this could have been over."
Image of Rudolph
"Remember your roots. Don't betray the legacy of Ronald Reagan. Stand up for democracy and support Ukraine against the bully Putin."
Image of Donna
"Our democracy and our way of life is endangered if we allow our enemies to overpower us."
Image of Alex
"I think as a country, we should, instead of saying, 'We will support Ukraine for as long as it takes' we should fully commit to a Ukrainian victory and a quick defeat of Russia on Ukrainian territory."
Image of Greg
"If Russia were to prevail in Ukraine, I think it would send a signal to the other countries of a similar bent that they can do the same."
Image of Jeffrey
"To defend democracy in America means we have to defend democracy all over the world, and right now the frontline of defending democracy is in Ukraine."
Image of Mike
"If Russia were to succeed in Ukraine I think that that kind of defeat would certainly embolden countries like China."
Image of Dave
"I support sending all the weapons to Ukraine that they need, beat the Russians, and push them back out of their country."
Image of Stan
"If Russia succeeds to any degree with Ukraine, I think it will only embolden other bad players in the world to go down the same path."
Image of David
"Ukraine stands on the side of liberty and freedom and Russia stands on the side of tyranny and slavery."
Image of Steven
"It's long been the Republican party tradition and history to support democracy around the world."
Image of John
"I believe it's important for the Republican Party to stand up to aggressors."
Image of Craig
"We have to support democracies throughout the world...We believe in democratic principles and if we can't support other countries then we're not doing what we believe in."
Image of Charlie
"It's really important that Congress as a whole supports our efforts in Ukraine."
Image of Andrea
"If we cede our position, China and Russia will jump in and authoritarian regimes will take over where we left off."
Image of Bill
"The Republican Party is at a crossroads, and I believe that we return to at least some of our significant foundations and roots, and one of them is support of democracy"
Image of Peg
"I think Republicans who vote against sending aid to Ukraine are misinformed."
Image of Bernard
"Ukraine needs above all American help: military, financial, and moral support."
Image of Vicki
"I do support sending more aid to Ukraine because I think Putin has to be stopped."
Image of Tim
"For years of locking horns with liberals on other issues, I now find myself locking horns with my own fellow conservatives, and they won't budge."
Image of Dave
"We have to take a stance to defend democracy where it's flourishing."
Image of Dale
"I think it's important to support the democracy in Ukraine, but at the same time, resisting Russian aggression is very important."
Image of Lisa
"If we back off at this point ... Putin may very well decide Ukraine is not enough."
Image of Alan
"I think if we show further weakness China will take Taiwan and we will be in a big-time fight that we don't want to be in and we will suffer serious losses."
Image of Rodney
"If Ukraine loses this war, and by extension, NATO and America lose this war, how much stronger will our enemies get?"
Image of Richard
"If we don't get this right, the consequences of getting it wrong will haunt us for decades."
Image of Tim
"To limit or cut off aid to Ukraine -- I think it's really a betrayal of our values as a party and as a nation historically."
Image of Paul
"As Republicans, we have values, and we have to protect those values."
Image of Carl
"It's critical that we maintain a leadership role, that we demonstrate a will to stand up to Putin in this case, but to authoritarians in general."
Image of Lee
"It is fundamentally a struggle for liberty against tyranny and is a hallmark of the American way of life that we support and encourage throughout the world."
Image of Jim
“The Republican party of today is not what I joined...It's time to push the Russians out of Ukraine.”
Image of George
"It's very important to fight for democracy; it's the nation's heritage."
Image of Ahsaf
"We need to stand up to tyranny and stand up for democracy because Ukraine is a democracy."
Image of Rebecca
"Supporting the cause of freedom in Ukraine and opposing the Putin totalitarian imperialist regime is vital for American national security interests."
Image of Fred
"We need to get the appropriate military aid to Ukraine as soon as possible."
Image of Rodney
"I support sending more aid to Ukraine. The basic reason is because they are a democracy that is being attacked by Russia without any just provocation."
Image of Susan
"Reagan's foreign policy was peace through strength, that strength is a through line."
Image of Jason
"Nobody's going to stand up to Russia and China unless we do."
Image of Ted
"I certainly feel that Ukraine's position is that it's, they've been invaded by an outside country and need all suppport that the Americans can provide"
Image of Wales
"If your loyalty is to the Constitution, then you should absolutely support aid to Ukraine and aid to any country that has a truly democratic process and is under attack"
Image of Julian
"If somebody's fighting for freedom as opposed to totalitarianism, I would think the United States usually steps forward and is on the right side."
Image of Jon
"Ukraine is a fledgling democracy. We should be assisting them."
Image of Cliff
"Vladimir Putin felt he could essentially do whatever he wanted to do... So, the only way to end this is to continue to support the Ukrainian opposition."
Image of Matthias
"The opposition to supporting the fight for freedom is completely contrary to conservative values."
Image of Jim
"I support sending more aid to Ukraine. ... The moral imperative is to do the right thing, which is to support democracy."
Image of Mark
"Anyone in elected public office ... who has voted for Putin or voted against aid to Ukraine ... has abdicated their responsibility to the people of this country."
Image of Timothy
"The United States absolutely must support Ukraine with any effort we can muster."
Image of Thomas
"I believe that when Ukraine wins, the United States wins."
Image of Bill
"Our support for Ukraine is in the best interest of the United States. It's in the best interest for democracy in the world."
Image of Eric
"Putin needs to be stopped in his tracks or he's just gonna cause more destruction."
Image of Baoky
"I firmly believe that by arming Ukraine today, we are saving lives tomorrow."
Image of Brian
"Abraham Lincoln said that 'when democracy is strengthened elsewhere, it's strengthened everywhere.'"
Image of Bruce
"The people of Ukraine are willing to fight for their freedom. ... So I think they deserve our support for that reason."
Image of Jim
"It's the right thing to keep on aiding Ukraine."
Image of Paul
"If a Republican lawmaker opposes aid to Ukraine, they are not thinking in the best interests of America."
Image of Mike
"I look at sending aid to Ukraine as an opportunity for the United States ... to weaken one of our greatest adversaries over the last 80 years."
Image of Steve
"It's important for us to support democracy abroad 'cause it reduces wars, it saves lives."
Image of Jeff
"It's all about Putin's ego. That's entirely what this war is about."
Image of Anne
"I very heartily support all of the aid that we've given to Ukraine. "
Image of Jim
"There's no such thing as a good dictatorship."
Image of Barb
"Ukraine is a democracy and an ally. It's important for us to protect our allies."
Image of Andy
"It's absolutely vital for the Republican Party to stand for democracy at home and abroad."
Image of Bohdan
"I cannot see how we as Republicans can do anything other than help Ukraine."
Image of Rob
"Russia will not stop. Russia will not stop at the borders of Ukraine."
Image of Rainer
"We arm Ukraine now or we send our sons and daughters to war in Europe later."
Image of Jason
"As Reagan once said, there's no security, no safety in the appeasement of evil."
Image of Andrew
"Aid to Ukraine is one of the best things we can do for our country."
Image of Jake
“Ukraine has constantly shown itself to be a country that wants to be free...That wants to sit outside of the Russian sphere of influence.”
Image of Aidan
"If we don't respond to the crisis right now, we are turning our backs on everything we have striven for since 1945.”
Image of John
"Putin wants to be known in history as a great leader, and in my mind, I feel like that's an imperialistic attitude."
Image of Michael
"We need to stop Russia now. Ukraine's in a desperate fight."
Image of Mark
"Whatever we spend on defending Ukraine right now will be a pittance compared to what we will be spending if Russia wins."
Image of Sam
"We must stand strong, stand with Ukraine, and stop Putin where he is. We cannot negotiate with this monster."
Image of Steve
"If America doesn't support democracies abroad, it won't be long before there aren't too many of them."
Image of Christian
"Ukraine is one of the best allies that we could count on."
Image of Steve
"I support sending aid to Ukraine because we have an obligation to do that."
Image of Steve
"We gave our word."
Image of Eric
"Life is no fun living next to a bully."
Image of Jim
“They want to be democratic. They want to have the rule of law. They are fighting to have that. They're fighting to throw off occupation by Russia."
Image of Ronald
"We must help them to continue to see their flag wave over this land."
Image of David
"If you read the Russian playbook, we're falling right into their hands."
Image of Llewellyn
"If Putin is successful in the Ukraine, where will he go next?"
Image of Sharon
"If Senate Republicans and House Republicans cannot get together and make something happen here, they will be belying their own history."
Image of Svetlana
"Ukraine is not asking for anything except for money and ammunition."
Image of Jeff
"We really need to be able to help countries fight for their own democracy."
Image of Charlie
"Ronald Reagan understood that bending over from Moscow was the wrong formula for the Cold War."
Image of Dan
"My message to Republicans is, let's get back to principles, America's commitment is to democracy, to freedom, to self-determination."
Image of Karla
"I will tell you right now, Andrew would be alive had he had his combat safety gear."
Image of Tom
"There's a security price to pay for not following through on alliance commitments."