Record a Testimonial

Thanks for letting us share your story! Try to keep your video to 2-3 minutes, look straight into the camera, and simply talk about things like this:

  • Say your first name and where you live.
  • Tell us your past or current affiliation with the Republican Party.
  • Talk about why you believe supporting Ukraine is in the best interests of the United States, and how that belief fits in with your values.

A few tips:

  • Your story is actually better when NOT scripted. Simply look at the camera – and start talking politics!
  • If you make a mistake or stumble, that’s perfectly fine. We may edit these videos for clarity and trim to an appropriate length, but we will keep your story intact.
  • Have the light shining on your face, not behind you.
  • Not ready to record your story right now? Want some help making your video the best that it can be? Just email us at [email protected] and tell us you want to share your story!