We're Republicans standing for Ukrainian freedom.
We are amplifying the voices of Republicans who believe that the United States should be a steadfast friend to democracies like Ukraine and a fearsome enemy to aggressive dictatorships like Russia.
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Image of Stephan
"Don't let our enemies win. Don't give them what they want."
Image of John
"I support sending more aid to Ukraine because I think this is the clearest example in my lifetime in all of our lifetimes of good versus evil."
Image of Peter
"If our enemies are fighting our ally, who's actually doing all the work, and all we need is just to send them military equipment, ammo, I mean, that's a win-win situation."
Image of Erich
The Republicans are all about freedom. They're fighting for their freedom. They're fighting for their country.
Image of Tim
"Eisenhower, Reagan, we all realized how important it is to defend democracy. Otherwise, what's the point of having a foreign policy in the first place?"
Image of Curtis
"For 5% of our defense budget that went to Ukraine in 2023, for that to cripple America's largest adversary... taking out their army by 50%, that is the biggest return on investment we ever could ask for."
Image of David
"The strategy against Russia is real simple: we win, they lose."
Image of Rudolph
"Remember your roots. Don't betray the legacy of Ronald Reagan. Stand up for democracy and support Ukraine against the bully Putin."
Image of Felippe
"The support that the U.S. provides to Ukraine is part of the fabric of who we are."
Image of Alex
"I think as a country, we should, instead of saying, 'We will support Ukraine for as long as it takes' we should fully commit to a Ukrainian victory and a quick defeat of Russia on Ukrainian territory."
Image of Teresa
"I think any Republican who doesn't want to send aid to Ukraine, my first thought is, what have you done with my party?"
Image of Robert
"That element within the Republican Party that is isolationist, that is contrary to longstanding Republican beliefs."
Image of Robert
"I feel that we should be encouraging everyone to do everything to help"
Image of Jim
“The Republican party of today is not what I joined...It's time to push the Russians out of Ukraine.”
Image of Ahsaf
"We need to stand up to tyranny and stand up for democracy because Ukraine is a democracy."
Image of Brock
"I absolutely support sending more aid to Ukraine, it's the right, just, and moral thing to do."
Image of Bohdan
"I cannot see how we as Republicans can do anything other than help Ukraine."
Image of Rainer
"We arm Ukraine now or we send our sons and daughters to war in Europe later."
Image of Jason
"As Reagan once said, there's no security, no safety in the appeasement of evil."
Image of Mark
"Whatever we spend on defending Ukraine right now will be a pittance compared to what we will be spending if Russia wins."
Image of Margaret
"I feel that republicans who are against aid to Ukraine don't understand the history and traditions of the Republican Party."
Image of Charlie
"Ronald Reagan understood that bending over from Moscow was the wrong formula for the Cold War."